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We are committed to caring for people, sourcing products responsibly and respecting the planet.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers work in an increasingly complicated, ever-changing environment. Our expertise in processing agricultural commodities into high-quality ingredients gives you an edge in making products that satisfy consumers around the world.

Meat & Seafood

We provide food producers, retailers and foodservice operators with wholesome meat and seafood products all around the globe. Learn more about our range of meat and seafood products across the world and how we’re making a positive impact.

Technology Solutions

Nikko Retail goes beyond food. Our web and mobile technology delivers the solutions your business needs to succeed. JioMart, JioMeat and JioFish are among the robust technologies we offer our partners to manage their business, shop on-the-go and track deliveries.

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By connecting with Nikko Retail, you join the industry’s best distribution network.

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We work to be your most trusted business partner.

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More Than Just Food

Happier customers, simpler operations — what can Nikko Retail’s technology solutions do for your restaurant?

Business Planning

We think ahead. There are the opportunities you know you have.

Marketing Strategy

We bring perspective. With purpose to empower our partners and communities.

Data Analysis

We put numbers correctly. We help the world’s food system work for you.

Social Branding

We make connections. And we’re harnessing the power of technology.

Nikko Retail knows that great products are only one part of a successful foodservice business.

Risk Management

We partner sustainably. By building trusting relationships with only partners can we fulfil our purpose.


Our Clients Said

    Fernando Rodriges
    Fernando Rodriges

    3-star Michelin

    “With Nikko Retail, they offer us everything we need. From a self-service app, to a team of menu experts and designers who will analyze and create your personalized, handcrafted menu – Nikko Retail brings more to your table.”

      Keyla Dunn
      Keyla Dunn

      Purchasing Manager

      “Nikko Retail goes beyond food to deliver the technology you need for your business to succeed. “

        Delina Shmicell
        Delina Shmicell

        Marketing Director

        “Nikko Retail knows their partners so well they are often the first to identify their needs. With consumer tastes changing, for example, they bring the insights and ingredients to help consumer goods companies, restaurants and retailers satisfy new appetites.”

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        The Power of Partnership

        We know that great tastes are only one part of a successful foodservice business. Our services are the difference between good customer relationships and great ones. From eye-catching menus to beverage carbonation to reliable Wifi, Nikko Retail provides the fresh ideas to grow your business.